Shumi.art specializes in interior and architecture photography. We are amiable and work throughout Europe.

We have successfully realized over 1000 projects, examples of which you can find on our webpage. For instance: interior photography for specialized magazines, interiors/exteriors of hotels ranging from country style to luxury, food presentations by accomplished chefs, landscape design photography, factory production, photo- and video-shooting of theatre productions, preparation of advertising materials for dental clinics and medical centres, and many many more.

Shumi.art was founded by interior and architecture photographer Vova Shumi. Back in 2010 his architecture photographs played a major role in the “Moscow for tourists” exhibition, which took place during the International Youth Economic Forum in Moscow. Later, at the request of The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, a set of exhibits was created: “Emotions”, “Women from the Silver Age”, “Cynics”, etc. His interior photography was printed in AD, SALON - Interior, Elle Decor.

Photographing interiors and architecture for specialized magazines, we are constantly promoting the idea of photography as art. While at work, we reason in terms of harmony of space, people and their desires.

We not only take photographs, we open doors to a different life, catching the eye of the beholder, creating the desire to come back for more.

 If you are seeking paramount results, value quality over quantity, art rather than craft, give us a call.